Activities: UFS World Championships

UFS World Championships

Otakon Vegas 2016 is very proud to be host to this year's UFS World Championships!

This year's tournament will bring players of the trading card game from around the world to compete in Las Vegas! The tournament events are all open format. Players do not need to qualify in order to participate. Certain events will be held in areas that require a badge for Otakon Vegas.

About UFS: The Universal Fighting System

The ultimate battleground brings the universe's fiercest and most recognizable fighters to the trading card game arena. Players create and develop decks around their favorite character, incorporating signature moves and preparing their strategies to face other players. Every character brings unique abilities and opens up entirely new strategies, allowing for endless replay-ability and strategic thinking. Characters come from Mega Man, King of Fighters, Darkstalkers and Jasco Games' very own Red Horizon property. Past cards include characters from Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Samurai Shodown and many more.

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UFS Championship Events at Otakon Vegas 2016

Jan 15th

UFS Team World Championships

This event will be on Friday and will involve 3 player teams in a Swiss tournament. The best 8 records (or 16 if there are more than 64 teams) will be added to a play off. The winning team will be awarded a Team Asset Card that will be tournament legal in all formats of UFS and will have the likenesses of the team members that won it on the card. They will also have a hand in designing the abilities printed on the asset card. In addition to the grand prize, we will be offering free promotional cards, packs, and several other participation and top finalist prizes.

Registration starts at 8:00am. Tournament starts at 9:00am.

Jan 16th

UFS Singles World Championships

This event will be on Saturday and will also include a series of Swiss rounds. The Top 8 or 16 players (depending on attendance) will be added to a play off. The world champion will be immortalized with their very own tournament legal character card designed in their likeness with abilities that they help design. Just like in Teams, we will be giving out several participation prizes and additional top prizes for players that make the top cuts.

Registration starts at 8:00am. Tournament starts at 9:00am.

Jan 17th


Top cuts from both Teams and Singles compete in the Finals matches.

Top cuts start at 9am. We may do the first round of top cuts the day of their respective swiss tournaments if time allows.