Artist Alley: FAQ

What do I need to know about taxes related to selling my art in the Artist Alley?

You will receive a form at check in, you will need to fill out with the sales tax you collected. We will collect the sales tax and form from you before you leave on Sunday. Tax may be submitted in the form of check or money order. Otakon Vegas staff is unable to accept cash for the purposes of tax collection.

Is my stuff safe overnight?

The Alley will be open to members during posted open hours. The room the Alley is in will be closed and locked but as always, please use your own discretion in what remains at your table when it is unattended. Otakon Vegas staff members, and Otakorp, Inc are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Do tickets come included with a table purchase?

Yes. One Artist badge comes with your table. Additional tickets/badges must be purchased separately.

I don't have a government issued ID. Can I use my school ID instead?

Government issued IDs are all we accept.

I'm under 18 and want to sell in The Alley, what can I do?

Someone over 18 years of age would need to register on your behalf and be responsible for your table, all taxes and fees associated with registration, and participation in the Alley. Someone over 18 must be present at your table at all times.

Can I use a logo in my art if I give credit to the copyright holder?

No. Our lawyers have advised us that logos are fairly complicated copyright issues. In order to keep things simple, we've disallowed the use of copyrighted logos. In addition, variations of copyrighted logos which the staff feel too closely resemble the original will be asked to take the art down and not sell any more of it.

What is "Official character likeness"?

Official character likeness is the actual image that was produced and distributed by the copyright holder. For example, a page from a manga is the official character likeness; but a fan created drawing of a character is not. The rule is intended to prevent people from cutting out pages from a manga, or printing screen caps from an anime and selling them as buttons, shirts, etc. You can put your own drawings on buttons, pins, hats or t-shirts, even if they're drawings of licensed characters. The quantity limits and copyright information rules still apply, though.

Why can't I sell art supplies or a cosplay repair kit?

The Alley is a place where artists can promote their art and interact with fans. There's really nothing artistic about selling markers, colored pencils or thread. Those are things that belong in the Dealers Room, not The Alley.

I think one of my pieces of art may be a problem, can I still bring it to the convention?

Yes, but you run the risk of being asked to not sell it. Since you probably don't want to go through the trouble of getting the prints made and bringing them to con on a gamble, if you have a question about a piece of art before the con then please contact the Artist Alley Staff through the Otakon Help Center and ask if it's okay or not. That way, if an issue comes up at con and the piece has already been cleared you won't have to spend time defending your art.

Why the change in location?

After feedback from Artists and Attendees, and in light of some of the logistics involved in having the Artistís Alley outside, we decided the trial of having the space open to the public had run itís course. To ease confusion and offer some additional security to our artists, we chose to bring it inside.

Why the change in price?

As the Artist's Alley is inside the convention center space, we are no longer able to allow the option of hosting a table without having an attendee badge. As such we made the decision to include one badge at the heavily discounted member rate for artists who choose to have a table at Otakon Vegas.