Artist Alley: Registration


Artist Alley registration fee is $139 for a one (1) Artist Badge, a 6-foot table and two chairs, for display and sale of art on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Only one Badge is included, a Helper Badge may be purchased at a discounted rate of $45, and any additional badges will be purchased at the 3 day rate ($60). Review the rules. Artists are expected to follow all rules of the convention and the hotel at all times.

Significant Changes from 2017

  • Unlike previous years, the Artist's Alley will be wholly contained within the convention center space of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Attendee badges will be required at all times for access to the event space. As such, the Artist's Alley fee includes one member badge at significant discount as a requirement for being on the center grounds.
  • Artists' Alley will be in an event space, whose doors will be closed to the public during non-operational hours. However, materials left behind at your table are at your own risk.

How It Works

  • Read the rules
  • Ask questions if you have any!
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Wait for confirmation.
    • Only once you receive a confirmation email is your registration considered accepted.
  • Follow the link in the confirmation email to submit payment
    • Failure to submit payment within two weeks will cause your application to be rejected, and you must reapply
  • Tell everyone to see you at Otakon Vegas!

What You Need

Please have the following information ready for filling in the form:

  • Real Name, tables must be reserved in your real name as stated on state ID (driver's license, passport, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Studio or group name (if any)
  • Your current mailing address
  • Active e-mail address (we will use this email to contact you with questions or updates)
  • A current phone number
  • A short description of the products you plan on selling
  • Special requests


Artist Alley Registration is Currently Full! Registration is now closed, and we will be working through our wait list in the case of any cancellations or non-payments. Thank you to all who registered!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact The Alley Staff through Otakon Vegas's contact page. Better yet, bookmark The Alley Forum at:, and make sure to check-in frequently for updates, conversation, and answers to hosts of questions.