Press Information and Policies

Application for Press Credentials

To receive press credentials to cover Otakon Vegas, applicants must first pass a screening process, based on information about planned coverage, examples of previous convention coverage or coverage of similar events, and other information as requested by Otakon Vegas Press Relations staff. Applicants should keep in mind that press passes will be limited.

Each approved organization will receive up to two complimentary press badges to attend the convention. Extra comp badges and press credentials will be provided only to those applicants that can provide a demonstrated need for more. All press badges are comped and must be obtained through the Press Registration process. Press access will not be given to any individuals who are not approved for a comped press badge.

Press Credentials: Privileges and Limitations

Receipt of press credentials provides the following privileges:

  • Access to press-only rooms such as special press interview rooms.
  • Access to at-con press releases, briefings, and Internet communications from Press Relations about planned press events.
  • Entrance to press conferences with guests, subject to space and time availability.
  • Access to press-only seating when provided at Otakon Vegas events, subject to space availability and other restrictions.
  • The ability to schedule interviews through Otakon Vegas Press Relations staff with guests, subject to guest availability.

Press credentials are subject to the following limitations:

  • Registered members of Press must obey all Otakon Vegas policies.
  • Registered members of Press must arrange for and finance their own travel and room arrangements and food.

Failure to comply with the Press policies as well as Otakon Vegas policies may result in revocation of Press Badge(s).

Otakon Vegas Interview Procedures

Interviews with official Otakon Vegas guests must be requested and arranged through Otakon Vegas Press Relations staff. Only registered members of Press may request interviews with official Otakon Vegas guests. Interviews will be arranged as guest availability allows; simply requesting an interview does not guarantee that one will be arranged.

Otakon Vegas staff works with guests, their publicists and managers, and their industry reps to schedule the guests' time. This policy is necessary to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Ad Hoc Interviews

Ad hoc interviews with general members, dealers, and people other than guests and industry do not require Otakon Vegas Press Relations approval. In the event you wish to conduct such interviews in one of the available press rooms, you will need to coordinate the space reservation with us.

Proper Behavior of Registered Press

Registered members of Press are reminded to conduct themselves in a professional manner when acting in a press capacity. Professional behavior includes but is not limited to: showing respect to Otakon Vegas guests, staff and other participants; showing up early for scheduled interviews or press events, or notifying Otakon Vegas Press Relations staff of any delays; arriving prepared to conduct scheduled interviews; obeying the moderator's rules for any press conferences and complying to all photo restrictions, as conveyed by Otakon Vegas staff or by the guests themselves.

Since guests' time is limited, registered members of Press are asked to refrain from requesting autographs or personal photos with guests at the close of an interview. Photos of guests to accompany coverage are sometimes allowed, subject to the convenience of guests and to time constraints. All such photos must be prearranged at the time of scheduling the interview.

If you've read through all the policies listed on this page and would like to apply for a press credentials to cover Otakon Vegas, please fill out the registration form.

The deadline to apply for Press Credentials is January 17th, 2018!

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